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We are looking for community groups to adopt our cause.  There are so many great causes in our communities.  Wouldn't it be great if they all could be overflowing with support.  At this time we are in need of the community support to help us get the word out about our cause and find those that can help in bringing the benefits of our cause to our community.

So what is our cause?  At the core, we want to connect people to animals because it has been shown to improve a community's emotional health and be a catalyst to protecting and saving animal species.  (The zoo itself will play a larger role in animal conservation.) At the same time there is a whole segment of youth in our community who are not interested in studying the techy side of STEM that the Huntsville area is known for.  They want to study life and ecology.  We are going to give these causes a place in our community.  A zoo will enrich our community.


Please nominate your community group to adopt our cause by filling in the form below. A community group can be a church, a book club, a civic club, a fraternity/sorority, a nonprofit, a business, etc.  Groups can have multiple causes, so adopting our cause should not be to the exclusion of other great causes.  We will then contact the leader of the group to discuss ways that the group can adopt our cause to help bring to our community all the benefits of "A Zoo For You, North Alabama".

Community Group Nomination Form
Please tells us about your group.

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