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You can now be a  card carrying member of the group bringing a zoo and aquarium to North Alabama!  Based on your donation you will receive gifts and privileges outlined below.  There will be new offers and opportunities added as the membership program gets underway through out 2022.  We offer an Individual or Corporate Membership.  You can contact our development department for more information: 

Membership Tiers

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this the same membership program that will be offered when the zoo and aquarium opens?

    • The membership program for the zoo and aquarium will have different benefits relating to the attendance to the zoological park.  It has not yet been determined if this program will change into the zoo and aquarium membership program or continue as a donors’ recognition program.  Regardless, if they choose, members of NALZS Palz will be able to convert their memberships to the zoo and aquarium membership when the time comes and will be able to keep their “member since” date.

  2. Does the membership provide any discounts on merchandise and other NALZS items?

    • We currently do not have anything for sale that you could use a membership discount on.  Plans are in the works; and, when they are rolled out to the public, we will introduce membership discounts to go along with that.

  3. Can you describe the event programs and publications on which a company name/logo will be printed?

    • When NALZS does fundraising events, we always create a program to give the attendees an agenda of the event and provide them with more information about what NALZS is working on.  Depending on the event, the programs will range from a page (front and back) to a small booklet.  We also produce publications such as newsletters, marketing brochures, annual reports, and other such material to help get the word out and keep the public informed.  In each of these, we will have a special section thanking our NALZS Palz supporters with names and logos.

  4. What is a “Framed Commemorative NALZS Print” and “Original Artwork Thank You card”?

    • NALZS has a few accomplished, professional artists as part of our staff and boards.  They have created custom pieces for us to use in promoting NALZS.  We have taken some of these and created a limited number of signed prints.  Some of the prints were done as Thank You cards.  The others were done as full- sized prints that are matted and framed.  Each year we will commission a new set of paintings for these gifts.

  5. What are the possible categories of “additional gifts and benefits … curated based on [my] individual interests and requests”?

    • There are so many possibilities that we didn’t want to constrain them by including only the few that could fit in a marketing flyer.  Our development staff can work with you to create a custom package that fits your tastes and interests.  Here are some common examples but not all the possibilities:

      1. Event Space:  Each section of the zoo will have one or more unique event spaces for weddings, parties, galas, company get togethers, etc.  These spaces can be made available at a reduced rate or even free.

      2. VIP Behind-the-Scenes Tours:  While there will be standard behind-the-scenes tours, the VIP tour will be more in depth and will be guided by one of our zoological experts.

      3. Be a Zookeeper for a Day:  Go through the training to become an Honorary Zookeeper and then assist one of the keepers as they take care of the animals.

      4. Naming an animal:  When a baby animal is born or a new animal is brought into the zoo without a name, this presents a unique opportunity to leave a unique legacy.  The list for naming is first come, first served.

      5. Promotion:  Let people know the wonderful thing you are doing to help bring a zoo and aquarium to North Alabama through signage, marketing content, merchandise, etc.

      6. Leave a Legacy:  Part of the culture for museums, zoos, and aquariums is to provide physical recognition and/or memorials for those who have provided significant support.  These are often done through plaques and memorials situated throughout the facilities where they most resonate with the patron.

  6. Will there be naming opportunities for exhibitions?

    • Yes.  But right now, we are focused on the first step which is procuring the land.  We do have naming rights for each of the two properties available for this phase of development.  Once the properties are procured, we can start providing naming opportunities with Phase 1 which is the Alabama Natives area, Cosmic Jungle area, the market, entertainment, and entrance area of the zoo, and potentially the Australia area.  We will continue as such with each consecutive phase we build.

  7. When can I expect to get my membership packet and gifts?

    • Membership packets are sent out on a monthly basis.  Gifts are sent out on a quarterly basis in April, July, October, and January.

  • How do I contact your development staff?

    • You can contact our development staff by sending an email to or calling us at (256)-850-7466.

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