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  • HannahGraveman

Apple & Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

What you will need:

· String

· Bird Seed

· Apple

· Peanut Butter

· Something to make a hole in your apple slice (wooden dowel, tapestry needle, stick, the tip of a knife, etc.)

1. Slice your apples.

2. Dab your apple slices dry with a paper towel. This allows the peanut butter to stick.

3. Spread your peanut butter in a thin and even layer.

4. Pour your birdseed in a plate and dip your apples with the peanut butter side down.

5. Make a hole in your apple slice and insert your string to hang your bird feeder.

6. Hang your bird feeder on a sturdy tree branch.

7. Admire all of the beautiful birds that come!!

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