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  • HannahGraveman

Creating a Beginner's Compost Bin

What exactly is composting? Composting is a natural way that the Earth recycles. Plant debris and leaves fall from trees landing on the ground and eventually break down making plant food. There are 6 natural ingredients needed to make a successful compost. These ingredients consist of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, heat, microorganisms, and moisture.

What you will need:

· Large plastic tub with a lid

· Drill (or scissors to punch holes)

· Bungee cord

· Water

Building and filling the composting tub:

1. Using a drill or scissors, poke holes all around the tub including the bottom and the lid.

2. Find an accessible place to set the composting bin that is directly on the ground. Placing the bin directly on the ground allows for organisms to have access to the bin aiding in the decomposition.

3. After collecting your kitchen scraps, a good general rule of thumb to follow when filling your compost bin is to add 1/3 of “greens” and 2/3 of “browns”.

4. After the addition of your “greens” and “browns”, spray down your compost with water to jump-start the process.

5. Add your bungee cord over the lid to secure it from animals.

6. Your compost should be ready to add to your gardens within 3-6 months depending on what was added!

Greens: Some kitchen scraps to compost include vegetables, fruits, eggshells, coffee grounds, tea bags. Yard trimmings are also great components to add as long as the grass has not been treated with chemicals. Do not add oils, meat, dairy products, or animal droppings to your compost bin.

Browns: The best “brown” to use is soil but others include pine shavings, shredded paper, cardboard, sawdust, wood bedding pellets, or bags of raked leaves.

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