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  • HannahGraveman

Methods of Conservation: Brownfield Restoration

Did you know that there are more than 450,000 brownfields in the United States? Brownfields are abandoned industrial or commercial properties where the reuse of the property is complicated due to real or perceived environmental contaminati

on. Some examples of brownfields include schools, gas stations, fire departments, dry cleaners, hospitals, strip malls, or hotels.

Restoring these dilapidated properties has several benefits. Redeveloping brownfields can potentially create new business opportunities, restore blighted areas to productive use, decrease environmental damage, and increase tax revenue for the city. Restoration can also prove economical because often times brownfields are in favorable locations and already have the infrastructure in place.

A prime example of brownfield restoration here in North Alabama is Campus No. 805 in Huntsville, AL. Campus No. 805 was originally built in 1949 as a site for University of Huntsville classes. Soon after it opened a new UAH building was built and the property was reopened as S.R. Butler High School. It was put on the market in 2009 and sold in 2014 to a developer. Straight to Ale and Yellowhammer Breweries moved in shortly after.

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