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  • HannahGraveman

Methods of Conservation: Waterway Pollution

Alabama has continued to increase the number of toxic chemicals released into waterways since 2010 but with some recent scientific advancements, an impact will hopefully be seen soon. Environmental America reported in 2010 that Alabama was eighth in the nation for toxic release into lakes, streams, and rivers after it was discovered that 9.9 million pounds of toxic discharge poured into waterways. A federation of environmental advocacy organizations released in 2012 that Alabama was third in the nation for the release of cancer-causing agents into waterways. In 2017, Alabama was ranked fifth highest with 11.2 million pounds of toxic waste being released into waterways. Scientific advancements have been made in the recycling and treatment efforts of water in Alabama. In 2019, Alabama recycled or treated 82% of its toxic chemicals which is a significant increase from 2017’s 42%.

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