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Hi I'm Caitlin, I'm 25, I have Asperger's (type of autism) I live North of Athens. 2016-19 I have a Vet Assistant paper, Animal conservation, and rescue certificates and continue to take online classes to continue my educationI. I took home schooled Classes at The Birmingham Zoo here in Alabama from age 11-17

I moved at 19 to work at "The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo" in Gulf Shores, Alabama, from age 19-22 21, I was dignosed with cancer, but I came back and tried to work again yet was given the ultimateum I quit or I be fired for the permanent medical issues cancer gave me, they would not let me continue to work there in any form. I became deppressed and had to move back to Athens permanently, I miss the animals so I saw this and became excited! So if im chosen to help voulenteer or work here I'd be truly happy again!!

Caitlin Marie Brooks
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