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(And Aquarium!)

Girl at Aquarium

Why does Huntsville, Limestone County, and North Alabama need its own zoo and aquarium?  

The North Alabama Zoo and Aquarium are set to become integral parts of our community, offering tangible benefits across education, conservation, and the local economy. This initiative is not just an great project; it's a practical response to our community's needs and aspirations.

Educational Impact: At the heart of our mission is education. The zoo and aquarium will serve as interactive learning environments, directly connecting students and the broader community with the sciences. These spaces will enhance our educational offerings, providing hands-on experiences with biology, ecology, and conservation, and inspiring the next generation in STEM fields.

Commitment to Conservation: Our dedication to preserving biodiversity is unwavering. The zoo and aquarium will participate actively in global conservation efforts, providing a safe haven for endangered species and a platform for raising awareness about environmental challenges. Our goal is to contribute to the preservation of species and their habitats, ensuring they continue to thrive for future generations.

Economic Benefits: These facilities will significantly catalyze economic growth for Huntsville, Limestone County, and beyond. Attracting visitors from all over, these facilities will stimulate local businesses and create new job opportunities, reinforcing our community's economic health and vitality.

Community and Recreation: Beyond their educational and conservation roles, the zoo and aquarium will offer unique recreational opportunities for everyone. They will be places where families can spend time together, where individuals can volunteer and engage with conservation efforts, and where the community can gather for special events.

A Source of Local Pride: Establishing these facilities will elevate our region's profile as a leader in wildlife conservation and education. It's a clear statement of our community's values and our collective commitment to a sustainable and prosperous future.

Aligned with the rigorous standards of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), we are committed to creating facilities that prioritize animal welfare, species preservation, and habitat conservation. Our approach is informed by the latest in zoological best practices, ensuring that we provide safe, enriching environments for the animals in our care and meaningful, educational experiences for our visitors.

The North Alabama Zoo and Aquarium are more than just attractions; they are investments in our community's future. By enhancing educational opportunities, contributing to conservation efforts, driving economic growth, and offering spaces for community engagement and recreation, we are laying the groundwork for a project that will benefit our region for generations to come.

Join us as we bring this vision to life, creating a legacy of education, conservation, and community enrichment right here in North Alabama.

These are great reasons for a community to want to bring about a zoo and aquarium.  Here are a couple of your reasons for wanting to bring a zoo and aquarium to our community:

"I  previously worked in an inner-city school in Memphis. One Saturday, I got to take one of my kindergarten students to visit the zoo. On the ride over the little girl said she wanted to see a giraffe. But just moments later, she asked:

'Do they really have a giraffe movie there?'

Just then, I realized that my precious student had never visited a zoo, and did not know what one was. 

I will never forget the look on her face when we walked through those gates. 

It became one of many zoo visits for us, and the next time we went I included her older brothers. Bringing a zoo to North Alabama would open a world of possibilities for children in our area!”


Very Respectfully, 
Emily in Athens, AL

“Zoos are magical places for children (and adults!) where they get to interact with nature and see animals up close in a way they cannot normally. It gets them out of the house, increases their interest in nature, and away from screens! It is a wonderful outing for the whole family to enjoy. I hope to be able to take my children and one day my grandchildren!”

--Rachel in Athens, AL



3 Pillars.png

The North Alabama Zoological Society's prime goal is to create a zoo and aquarium in North Alabama.  But it is not our only focus.  We are actively putting together and executing programming to support our missions of wildlife conservation and education.  The zoo will provide a unique environment in which to accomplish these noble missions.  Zoos take time to build and we feel that northern Alabama also provide a very unique setting to further these focuses.  Did you know that Alabama is the number one biodiverse state on the eastern side of the Mississippi River?

Please consider donating to help our education and conservation programs execute summer camps, community outreach, and high school clubs right now while we continue planning the zoo


Update: We have added Adventure Treks to the plan!


There has been a lot of interest to know what the zoo and aquarium will look like.  Truthfully this cannot be determined until the procurement of a site has been completed.   We are getting close.  In a few weeks we hope to unveil a "Vision Plan".  It is based upon an actual site that we are working to finalize before announcing it to the public.

The theme of the exhibits are based on national parks or preserves.  We feel this is a distinctive and fitting way to help our visitors connect with wildlife and their wild places.   As a conservation society, we support and encourage the roles and missions these special designated areas play in wildlife conservation.  We also want to provide our visitors a "trip" to these unique places on Earth.  The Adventure Treks will allow visitors to move through those animal habitats in some unique, adventurous ways.


As for an aquarium, there will be one building devoted to aquatic wildlife.  However, the majority of the aquatic species will be in aquaria co-located with other wildlife from their respective national parks and preserves.

NALZS SITE PLAN - Phase 1.png

A bubble diagram showing the planned conceptual layout with the new Adventure Treks added.  Zoo will be built in phases. The first phase is outlined in blue.

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