During this time of social distancing, please engage with us to see how we can enhance your virtual, classroom, or home school learning.  We know that there is more to STEM than just robots, computers, and space exploration.

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STEM + the Arts

We are not making this up.  STEAM is a real thing.  The arts have been added to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  STEM focuses on scientific concepts while STEAM investigates those same concepts through inquiry and problem-based learning methods used in the creative process.  Wildlife have inspired music, drawing, and literature since the dawn of humans.  Explorers would bring back drawings of the flora and fauna of the places they visited. Educational text books and websites are filled with images and graphics used to describe to the learner about our natural world.  STEAM is the way to understand our world.

Museum 3

We have created ALSDE based curriculum that can be used for       face-to-face or virtual instruction.   We can help customize it to the for the desired learning experience.  Contact us for more information.

Day camps Schedule: Summer of 2022.

 Session 1: 8-12 y/o campers (Fee $175)
Tues., May 31, 2022- Fri., June 3, 2022

Session 2: 8-12 y/o campers (Fee $175) 
Tues., June 14, 2022- Fri., June 17, 2022

Session 3: 5-7y/o campers (Fee $150)
Mon., June 27, 2022-Wed., June 29, 2022 

Registration opens March 1. 2022

Kids in Technology Class

We believe STEAM-based competitions and contests are a great ways to learn about and understand our natural world.  Check back often to see what competitions and contests we have going.

Kids Reading Outdoor

Donate to help provide resources for the educational programming. Funds will be used to support programming that enhances STEAM with life science, biology, zoology, and ecology.