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STEAM = STEM + the Arts

We are not making this up.  STEAM is a real thing.  The arts have been added to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).  STEM focuses on scientific concepts while STEAM investigates those same concepts through inquiry and problem-based learning methods used in the creative process.  Wildlife have inspired music, drawing, and literature since the dawn of humans.  Explorers would bring back drawings of the flora and fauna of the places they visited. Educational text books and websites are filled with images and graphics used to describe to the learner about our natural world.  STEAM is the way to understand our world.


Be a Little Wild Nature Camps promotes and encourages awareness of our Alabama Biodiversity & Ecosystems, Conservation & STEAM based curriculum, friends & fun. The Camps activities include creative art projects, microhabitat hikes, team building games, multiple hands-on science experiences, and lots of time outside enjoying Alabama at its best. We provide camps for children ages 6-14! 

BioExploration Science Teams (BEST) offer a unique opportunity for high school students and home school co-ops within North Alabama schools to help students learn to advocate for and implement conservation practices in our local area. Students within BEST teams gain practical life skills in public speaking, advocacy, problem solving, and leadership through guided local conservation projects.

Little Tykes Day Camp is an introduction into the exploration of nature for 3-5 year old's. The explorers and their favorite adult will go on an adventure. Educational lessons, outside exploration, crafts, animal encounters, and snacks will add to a fun experience.

Our Youth Camp Counselor Leadership program is for students who are 14 and older to come and learn how to teach, interact, and educate young campers. They follow a process of interviews, online orientation, onsite training, and camp execution.


NALZS reads visits several local libraries throughout the summer in Morgan, Limestone and Madison Counties to promote literacy. Children are hands-on explorers who make personal, meaningful connections with abstract materials (book and story concepts) when they are provided with opportunities to play with story themes. 

NALZS Classroom & Community Outreach allows you to choose a lesson or work with the NALZS Education staff to build a personalized program based upon current ALSDE standards and or specified topics. Learn about animals in new and exciting ways...right inside your classroom, at a workshop or as part of a community outreach program.

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