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The NALZS Bio-Exploration Science Teams (BEST) stand as a leading youth organization dedicated to preparing its students for leadership and careers in biological science, conservation, and wildlife ecology.
By taking advantage of their BEST chapter membership, students can become:




BEST gives them opportunities to be academically prepared for college and careers in biology,  environmental  science, zoology, and wildlife ecology.

Recognizing the benefit of volunteer service and  responsibility to our community, BEST members continually impact and improve their local and regional communities and have access to local conservation leadership

BEST members can become poised professionals with determination, integrity and ethical environmental standards.

BEST members are empowered through experience to provide effective leadership through goal setting, consensus building and project implementation.


BEST chapters create, explore, and learn through multiple conservation projects, nature-based experiments, community outreach, volunteer service and team leadership. Each chapter works together to complete a set goal of projects for the year. At the end of the school year each chapter is recognized for its successes and the steps that contributed to that success. For more detailed information, please email


  • All BEST chapters must be part of a high school, middle school or home school co-op and must have a chapter sponsor.

  • Chapter sponsor can be a teacher, coach, advisor, parent and must be recognized by the school administration or homeschool co-op.

  • Must have a minimum chapter size of six (6) student members and one (1) sponsor and cannot exceed 24 student members.

  • Chapters will elect officers: 

    • President 

    • Vice President

    • Treasurer

    • Secretary

  • Each chapter must pay an Annual Chapter Subscription.

  • Benefits to Annual Chapter Subscription: 

    • Opportunity to participate in community conservation, outreach, and in-depth biology experiments.

    • Volunteer opportunities that build experience for both college and career resumes.

    • Community forum and interchapter interaction.

    • Support from NALZS staff, bi-annual visits, training, and coaching.


  • Organize or participate in a community clean-up

  • Raise Ocean Awareness

  • Promote Natural Disaster Awareness

  • Mini-pond experiment with local pond research

  • Pollinator Garden Planning

  • Alabama Biodiversity BioBlitz

  • Take a Butterfly Census

NALZS BioExploration Science Team Registration
(We recommend chapters register on a PC.)

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. 
If you are registering a home school team, please type home school in the district and create a team name for the name spot.

* Chapter Subscription Fees:

$300, if registered by  June 1, 2024

$350 if registered by July 15, 2024

$400 if registered by Sept. 1, 2024

Invoices will be sent within 3 days of registration and fees must be paid within 7 days or late fees will apply.

Registration will close for 2024-2025 academic year  on Sept. 2, 2024

Annual Chapter Subscription will be billed through Square, please indicate how you will be paying. Payments will be due 7 days after invoice is sent.
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