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North Alabama
Zoological Society Memberships

You can now be a  card carrying member of the group bringing a zoo and aquarium to North Alabama!  Based on your donation you will receive gifts and privileges outlined below.  There will be new offers and opportunities added as the membership program evolves.  We offer an Individual or Corporate Membership.  You can contact our development department for more information: 

Membership Tiers

NALZS Memberships Tiers Handout.png

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Where is the zoo going to be located?

    • The zoo project is currently in the fundraising stage. To bring this ambitious vision to life, approximately $60 million needs to be raised for the first phase, which includes acquiring the land for the zoo. The current plans have designated a location in Limestone County, situated near I-65 between Athens and the I-65/I-565 interchange.  Large-scale projects like this require substantial financial support, and the majority of the funding is expected to come from public grants and corporate donations. However, your monthly donations play a crucial role in enabling the ongoing efforts to secure grants and continue fundraising. Your support allows the North Alabama Zoological Society to actively engage with potential grantors and sustain the momentum necessary to realize this remarkable zoo project. Together, we can make a significant impact on wildlife conservation, education, and the overall enrichment of our community.

  • What will my gift be used for?

    • Your generous gift plays a vital role in supporting our dedicated volunteers who invest their own personal time to ensure the success of our zoo project. By providing essential supplies, materials, and fees, your contribution enables us to create incredible wildlife education and conservation opportunities for our community. Additionally, for more intricate aspects of the project, we allocate funds to hire skilled professionals who offer their expertise and consistent support. We also utilize the funds to cover necessary overhead expenses such as website maintenance, storage, and IT services. Rest assured, a significant portion of your gift is being saved specifically for the construction of the zoo, ensuring that your contribution directly contributes to bringing this extraordinary vision to life.

  • When will the zoo be completed and opened?

    • Once the necessary funding is secured, the completion and opening of the zoo are estimated to take approximately three years to finalize the engineering and construction processes. During this time, meticulous planning, design, and execution will be carried out to ensure the zoo's success and adherence to safety standards. Our dedicated team of professionals will work tirelessly to create an immersive and awe-inspiring environment for both animals and visitors alike. Throughout the construction phase, we will prioritize sustainability, animal welfare, and the creation of habitats that closely mimic their natural ecosystems. We understand the anticipation surrounding the opening of the zoo and assure you that every effort will be made to deliver an exceptional experience for all once the project reaches completion.

  • Is this the same membership program that will be offered when the zoo and aquarium open?

    • The membership program for the zoo and aquarium will have different benefits relating to the attendance to the zoological park.  It has not yet been determined if this program will change into the zoo and aquarium membership program or continue as a donors’ recognition program.  Regardless, if they choose, members of the Society will be able to convert their memberships to the zoo and aquarium membership when the time comes and will be able to keep their “member since” date.

  • Does the membership provide any discounts on merchandise and other NALZS items?

    • Yes.  There is a 10% discount for members subscribed to the Friend Level or higher.  This applies to merchandise and event fees unless specifically noted otherwise.

  • How do I contact your development staff for more information?

    • You can contact our development staff by sending an email to or calling us at (256)-850-7466.

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