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North Alabama
Zoological Society Memberships

Join us as a monthly patron and become a cornerstone of the North Alabama Zoo (and aquarium) initiative. Your recurring gift will directly support vital STEAM education, conservation efforts, and the transformative zoo and aquarium project, demonstrating to community leaders the public's commitment to this cause. Together, we can create a lasting impact on wildlife conservation and educational outreach, enriching our community for generations to come. 


Come along and leave a legacy.

Membership Tiers

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are monthly donations important? 

The North Alabama Zoo project is in the crucial fundraising stage, aiming to raise $65 million to establish the zoo. 


Your monthly donations are vital—they bolster our efforts to secure additional funding, support ongoing education programs, and the number of monthly patrons demonstrate public support, which is key to get the remaining officials to allow the proposal to be voted on. Every contribution helps us advance this vision and provide support for us to pursue grants and other funding during this process. 

  • Is it better to be a monthly patron or give just once a year?

On the donation form, you have the option to contribute as either an annual or monthly patron. Many of our supporters find the monthly option more manageable and budget-friendly, often allowing them to contribute even more over time than they might in a single annual payment.​

  • Where is the zoo going to be located?

We have identified the area near the Buc-ee's on I-65 to be the most advantageous location.

  • What will my gift be used for?

Your generous gift plays a vital role in supporting our dedicated volunteers who invest their own personal time to ensure the success of our zoo project.

By providing essential supplies, materials, and fees, your contribution enables us to create incredible wildlife education and conservation opportunities for our community.

  • When will the zoo be completed and opened?

Once the necessary funding is secured, the completion and opening of the zoo are estimated to take approximately three years to finalize the engineering and construction processes.

We understand the anticipation surrounding the opening of the zoo and assure you that every effort will be made to deliver an exceptional experience for all once the project reaches completion.

  • Is this the same membership program that will be offered when the zoo and aquarium open?

The membership program for the zoo and aquarium will have different benefits relating to the attendance to the zoological park. 


Members of the Society will be able to convert their memberships to the zoo and aquarium membership when the time comes and will be able to keep their “member since” date.

  • How do I contact your development staff for more information?

You can contact us at or (256) 850-7466.

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