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Join the community wall of names that helped to bring the zoo and aquarium to North Alabama.

With the Claim Your Spot program, you can select a square (or a few squares) on the grid overlaying the map of the future zoo and aquarium.  This map, the claimed spots, and a directory of who sponsored the spots will have a permanent placement at the front of the zoo as visitors walk in. This will be one of the rare few chances to have your name, a loved one's name, or your business displayed in front of the zoo.  The map will live here virtually until the day the zoo opens its gates.

  • Celebrate loved ones

  • Get one for yourself

  • Commemorate special moments

  • Recognize an organization important to you

Funds raised through this program directly support the purchasing the zoo and aquarium properties.

Claim Your Spot Graphic.png


  • Permanent display in prominent location at Zoological Park or Education, Research and Conservation Campus

  • Your spot will be displayed on this website with a zoomable map

  • All donors will be listed with the coordinates to their spot in a directory next to the respective map

  • Donors that claim 3 x 3 or larger (4 x 4, 6 x 6, 10 x 10, etc ) squares will have the option to place their logo or name directly on the map over those squares

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ below for more details.

In March of 2021, representatives of NALZS, BRPH, and Perry-Becker Design met in Athens, AL after visiting the site for the zoo and aquarium.  From those discussions came a very unique and revolutionary design.  Please enjoy this video which walks you through this vision for your 279-acre zoo.  If it excites and inspires you, please consider contributing.  Your donations are critical to achieving this endeavor.

Zoo and Aquarium

(Click on the image to see map and claimed spots.)

NALZS Zoo Concept Map

Choosing Your Spot


There are two options to claiming your spot.  You can download the document below.  Fill it out and send it with a check to PO Box 127, Ryland, AL  35767.  Or you can go to our donor platform that has more payment options using the button immediately below.  To choose a spot,  click on the map image.  This will open a corresponding pdf document that you will be able to zoom in and out to choose your square.  It also contains a directory of all those who have claimed a spot and where their square is. The squares have a North coordinate related to the left side axis and an East coordinate related to the bottom axis.  You will need to place these coordinates in your Claim Your Spot form.

 If the "Claim Your Spot" program is not ideal for your current situation, but you still want to help, we would ask that you please check out some of our other giving programs.  We appreciate any amount giving.


  • Am I buying that section of the Zoo?

No, you are not purchasing that section of the zoo.  Like most tribute giving programs, this program provides an opportunity for the giver to associate ​their gift with how the gift will be used.  In this case, the gift will be used to purchase the land and NALZS will provide a permanent way for those who contribute to this part of the project to receive recognition accordingly.

  • Will I see my name, tribute, or logo in that section of the zoo?

Physically no.  We do plan to make the map available in an app so that as you walk around the zoo, you can see where that "spot" is and whom it recognizes for helping making the site purchase possible.​

  • What is the giving level per square?

The giving level for acquiring a square with your tribute is $1500 per square.  You can claim more than one square if you like.   You may add a logo or tribute directly to the map for claiming a 3 square x 3 square spot or larger.  You can find the donation levels either on the downloadable or online donation form.

  • What happens if NALZS is denied buying the current identified site?

In the case where we are ultimately denied from purchasing the land we have identified for the zoo site; we have excellent backup options identified to pursue. We don't plan on releasing the information to the public at this time on these other options as that could jeopardize our ability and standing to obtain them if the situation was required. They are however located in the same approximate vicinity as the current identified location. In the event that we have to go with a backup option, we will apply our same conceptual layout to the new location.  Current Claim Your Spot members will get to place their spots on the new map in the order that they chose them for the current map.

  • Is this associated with the NALZS Palz Program?

This is a separate program from the NALZ Palz Program and not subject to the same giving levels gifts and recognitions of NALZS Palz.

  • Who do I contact if I have a special request or more questions?

Please email our development team with any question:

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