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Volunteer Opportunities

The heart of any nonprofit and especially a zoo/aquarium is its volunteers.  It will be a few years before we have the zoo built, but your volunteering now will help speed up the process. 

To be a NALZS Volunteer is a 3 step process:

#1. Register Here

#2. Attend a Virtual Volunteer Orientation

(you will sign up during registration)

#3. Sign up for Volunteer Event!

There are many ways to Volunteer with NALZS, they include:

  • Participate in Fundraising 

  • Support Fundraising Events ( set, serving, cleanup, etc.)

  • Participate in Conservation Projects

  • Participate in Outreach Events (Festivals, Downtown Art Festivals, Food truck Rally, Trash Panda Games, etc.)

  • Participate in Education Events (will require personal interview, and may require background check)

  • Volunteer Staff Positions (6+ hours/week: greater time and commitment level expected)

  • Grant writing/ Research

  • Other Individual talents 

All Ages are welcome to register- however some events have an age minimum.

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