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The heart of any nonprofit and especially a zoo/aquarium is its volunteers.  As specific opportunities to volunteer come open, we will be posting them on our Volunteer Match web page. 

So please check that web page out periodically.


If you would just like to put your name in the hat for any future activities, please fill out the form below. It will be a few years before we have the zoo built, but your volunteering now will help speed up the process.


We have several opportunities to help do concessions at upcoming Trash Panda games.  They have invited non-profits to come and help.  In turn, they are donating the cost of the labor to the non-profit.  We would love to have a chance to work shoulder to shoulder with you and support our local team!  Fill out the volunteer form below and mention you want to help with the Trash Panda games.  We will hold an orientation where we will give out more information to those that sign up.

Would you like to volunteer?
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