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The North Alabama Zoological Society is primarily a volunteer organization.  We are currently working on securing the funding for the zoo and aquarium which puts the opening of it at least 3 years away. We get a lot of interested people wanting to work at the zoo.  But unfortunately, that is a ways off in the future.

But if you want to help that come sooner, there are two volunteer options: be a part of our Zoo Crew volunteer program or apply for one of our volunteer staff positions.  The Zoo Crew help with our outreach events.  To volunteer for Zoo Crew, please go to our Volunteers page by clicking this link. The staff positions require a minimum of 1-2 hours per week.  We will post our staff positions on this page, social media, and Volunteer Match. Follow the directions below to apply to the staff positions.  Those that invest now as a volunteer get first pick at paid jobs when they come available.

Applying for staff positions:

If you are interested in serving on our staff, please return the following to

  1. this application completed

  2. a cover sheet 

  3. a current resume

Image by Elio Santos



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