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We NEED Your Help:
"Vote for the Future of Our Zoo"

We have been working to bring our zoo to the ballots for you, Limestone County! As we’ve been talking with the Limestone County Commission and Limestone County Legislative Delegation, we’ve always wanted the final decision to rest in the hands of the community. Now, we need your help. Scroll down to learn about the details of the legislation, its benefits, and how you can help build the “Zoo for you, North Alabama!”

"We Want a Zoo!"

Current Updates

3/7/24 Update:

In an exciting development for our community, the North Alabama Zoological Society (NALZS) has issued a press statement, highlighting talks to bring the North Alabama Zoo to Limestone County. We have been in discussion with leadership from the county over the last 18 months to build a funding proposal. This announcement from NALZS unveils the funding proposal that could accelerate the construction of our zoo, pending the pivotal input from Limestone County residents in the November 2024 general election. Alongside this proposal, a local legislative bill crucial for the project’s advancement has been draft. Unfortunately at this time, the bill’s movement has stalled. This is a significant step toward realizing the dream of building a “Zoo for You, North Alabama,” and we want the community’s voice and vision to be our guide during the decision-making process. Stay tuned to this historic opportunity to shape our future.

The Highlights

At this time, a local legislation bill has been drafted that would allow the citizens of Limestone County the opportunity to decide on the fate of funding for the North Alabama Zoo, but has been stalled.  Please continue to scroll to see how you can help get the fate of the funding into the people's hands. Below are some highlights from this funding proposal.  To be better informed, please see the detailed answers in the FAQ:

  • Referendum in Nov 2024: For Limestone County residents to fund North Alabama Zoo Phase 1 and infrastructure improvements via a bond and an electricity tax.

  • This is not a new tax.   Reinstates a previously approved tax for the new jail funding, now sunsetted after early bond payoff.  The same is expect to happen for the zoo funding. 

  • Tax Details: Previous jail tax was 1% of a 2% authorized max. For the zoo, the authorized cap is raised to 3% due to inflation and larger project, but expected to be levied lower due to county growth.

  • ROI: Unlike with the jail tax, there is a Return on Investment or ROI.  $65M for Phase 1 yields $117M local economic impact in 6 years, boosts tourism, and creates hundreds of jobs.

  • Local Benefits: Limestone County residents get free admission days, free school field trips, and significant discounts.

  • Why Limestone County?  Because it is uniquely situated location-wise, positioned for growth, and has the means to achieve this successfully.  And the people are really great!

  • What about the other cities and counties?  Currently they lack resources or have them allocated elsewhere; similar opportunities may be offered post-zoo establishment.

This vote is not just about approving a new zoo; it's about deciding on a significant investment in our community's future, economic development, and environmental stewardship.  This is your chance to be a part of a legacy that offers educational and recreational spaces for future generations. The significant economic injection demonstrates the project's potential as a high-return investment for Limestone County and the broader North Alabama region, rivaling other investment opportunities in terms of ROI over a similar period.

Non-Limestone County Residents

Residents outside of Limestone County have an opportunity to support us in the upcoming referendum, even from afar! If you use social media platforms and other digital communication tools, you can raise awareness and encourage voter participation, especially among those in Limestone County. Sharing accurate information and resources about the referendum’s goals and its potential impact on our North Alabama community is one of the most powerful ways you can help. Additionally, if you are able to support NALZS through donations and/or volunteerism, we love and welcome that support too! These actions will significantly boost our efforts to ensure a positive result for the region. Donating, even in small amounts, helps this campaign - it shows everyone the support for our plans to bring a boon to our community!

Contact Limestone County Leadership

If you are from Limestone County, we really need your voice to be heard.  The Limestone County Delegation has a "local bill of legislation" that would put the future of the zoo on the November 2024 General Election Ballot and the decision in your hands.  Call county leadership and let them know you want to vote for our community’s future. Now is the time to ROAR!!

The easiest and most effective way to let the entire Limestone County Leadership hear your voice is to leave a message on the office phone for Athens City Council, Limestone County Commission, and Limestone County Delegation.   Give a quick shout to the numbers below, and use our script helps if you need them!

  • Limestone County Delegation Office: 256-262-9038

  • Limestone County Commission Office: (256) 233-6400

  • Athens City Council City Clerk: 256-233-8004

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. The final and most important thing you can do is share this with your friends and family and get them to ROAR! 

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