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Call To Action:
"We need everyone to ROAR loud for all to hear"

We have been working with some of our local officials and state legislators.  They have urgently requested that the county legislative delegations hear from you soon!  Scroll down to find out more and how to easily contact them.

BACKGROUND: Why do we need you to act now? We want to make a Zoo happen in North Alabama and we need your help to bring education and recreation to our community. With the right support, we can create a place of wonder and discovery for families, children, and visitors alike! The possibilities for our Zoo are truly endless. Our facility would provide a valuable learning resource with educational programs meant to spark curiosity, knowledge, and understanding of the animal kingdom and our natural world. We could host classes teaching about basic biology, ecology, endangered species awareness, animal habitats, conservation efforts, and more! Plus there would be interactive exhibits designed to take people up-close with some of the Zoo's inhabitants. A great deal of research has gone into making this dream a reality. Our team has looked at many examples from other zoos around the country and we have been able to craft an actionable business plan that will create a self sustaining organization once the zoo is built and is operational. We believe in creating a safe space for both animals and guests alike while also respecting the natural beauty of North Alabama. Bringing a Zoo to North Alabama would be an incredible investment in our future. Not only will it provide educational opportunities but it will also provide jobs and bring more visitors to our area which translates into more money being spent in the local economy on dining out, lodging options, shopping experiences, attractions nearby - all of which benefits everyone here!

Our North Alabama legislators have been very positive about NALZS' effort to bring a world-class zoo and aquarium to North Alabama.  Some have even stepped up to endorse and help us.  We are supremely appreciative because of this.  Now is time for the next steps. 


We strongly believe that this educational-recreational project is going to be an amazing addition to our great region – but we can’t do it without your help! The support from you, the community, has been amazing!  But we need more than help than the individual community members can provide.  The next step is to get our local officials and state legislators to act. As the discussions and preparations for the upcoming state legislation session are underway, it is urgent that you call your county legislative delegation office today and tell them to say yes to local legislation that will help create and fund this project. Your support will mean so much for our community as we embark on this journey together to bring education and recreation to North Alabama with a Zoo!

Limestone County Delegation Office:   256-262-9038

Morgan County Delegation Office:       256-260-2146

Madison County Delegation Office:      256-539-5441


Let’s ROAR and have our voices heard!

Contacting Your County Legislative Delegation

Each county in Alabama has Legislative Delegation.  The delegation consists of the state senators and state representatives who's district lie within the county.  They work together to help move forward the interests of the county and all its citizens.  As one of their tools to do this, they can pass "local bills of legislation."  The Limestone County Legislative Delegation is currently considering such legislation that could help fund the building of Phase 1 of the zoo and aquarium, and they have asked to hear from you.   The zoo and aquarium is going to be a regional asset, so while it is currently planned to be located in Limestone County along I-65, it is just as important to ask other county legislation delegations step up to support this effort.  Every little bit helps!  The coalition of legislators and other local officials is exactly how other zoos that have been built from scratch before us were created.  Some may want to wait and push it off for a while longer, but that will only make it cost more and lose our area years of economic and educational benefits.  Now is the time.  Now is the time to ROAR!!

The easiest and most effective way to let the entire delegation hear your voice is to leave a message on the county delegation office phone.   Not all delegations have this, but we do have Limestone, Morgan, and Madison's.

  • Limestone County Delegation Office: 256-262-9038

  • Morgan County Delegation Office:     256-260-2146

  • Madison County Delegation Office:    256-539-5441

The most easiest way is to send an email to each of the individual legislators.  This is not as effective as calling because they get a lot of emails and direct messages.  That being said, every little bit helps!  The two links below will allow you to identify your specific state senator and state representative by submitting your physical address.  


For extra convenience, we have included several of the legislators from around North Alabama with their email addresses and legislative delegation office phone numbers.  We have also included a example script for you if you need it.


Thank you so much for you time.  And please ask your friends and family to ROAR! 

Click here for an example script for what to say.  (It also contains the following table list of local representatives.)

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