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North Alabama Zoological Society Volunteer Standards

  • Your attitude affects how NALZS is viewed by the public, you become a NALZS Ambassador.. It is important to use polite language and good manners while you are on volunteer duty.

  • It is important to be dependable. If you sign up for an activity you are expected to show up or provide advance notice.

  • At no time should a volunteer’s dress, cleanliness, or appearance distract from or negatively affect the image of NALZS.

  • Clothing should be appropriate for the weather. No questionable slogans.

  • Volunteers are asked to use good judgment as to the appropriateness of taking breaks based on the type of activity in which they are involved.

  • Personnel files must be kept up to date. Please notify the Volunteer Coordinator of any changes in name, address, telephone number, or emergency contact number.

  • Hours are an important measure of volunteer activity. Hours are to be given to the Volunteer Coordinator via email or sign-in sheets.

  • Treat other volunteers, staff, and members of the community with courtesy.

  • It is your responsibility to be neat and clean.

  • No open-toe shoes are allowed.

  • No smoking while on duty.

  • I will always strive to be uplifting in all interactions

  • I will not criticize, teardown or express personal opinions about NALZS Staff, NALZS information, other Zoos, Attractions, Programs, Museums, etc.

  • I will seek to understand which Zoo information is “Public Ready”

  • I will not speculate about Zoo News, If you do not know- do not guess.

By checking the box on the Volunteer form, you are acknowledging the NALZS Volunteer Standards and agreeing to follow them at all times at NALZS events.

NALZS has the right to deny or terminate your involvement with NALZS at any time, without cause.


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