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North Alabama Zoological Society Announces Plans to Bring a Zoo and Aquarium to North Alabama

The North Alabama Zoological Society (NALZS) announces they are in works to bring a combination zoological park and aquarium to the greater Huntsville Metro Area. In the spring of 2019, the founders of the North Alabama Zoological Society asked the question, “Would Huntsville be a good place for a zoo?” After conducting a significant trade study, which included talking to several prominent zoos, we came to up with two conclusions: not only could this happen, Huntsville is experiencing a level of growth that makes the timing perfect. Since then, NALZS has been working diligently on building the foundational components needed to create a successful, world-class zoo for our community.

“Creating a combination zoo and aquarium is not a quick process. We are not only responsible for creating a great environment for our guests, but also for the precious animals in our care that we will be working to conserve,” explains NALZS Board Chair Ethan Woodruff. “And we have been told by zoo professionals that this will be the first zoo built from scratch in at least a couple of decades. The zoo community is pretty excited about this. Our plan is to be an AZA accredited facility and start construction for our first phase in approximately 2 years.”

NALZS has recently started an awareness campaign called, “A Zoo For You, North Alabama” to let the public share in the excitement. Initial reactions and offers of support have been very positive. As plans continue to progress, announcements will be made on how the public can be more involved and participate. If people, companies, or organizations are interested in sponsoring or partnering, then they can communicate through the Contact Us page on our website: .

About the North Alabama Zoological Society

North Alabama Zoological Society’s (NALZS) mission is to create a world-class zoo that: 1) will connect the communities and visitors of North Alabama with the world’s natural wonders, 2) will be a standard of wildlife conservation action, and 3) will inspire a better tomorrow. Founded in 2019, NALZS is a State of Alabama Nonprofit Corporation, with headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. For additional information, visit


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