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North Alabama Zoological Society Continues Effort to Bring Zoo Project to Vote

Huntsville, AL - The North Alabama Zoological Society (NALZS) has been tirelessly working toward the realization of a significant community project: the establishment of the North Alabama Zoo. For over four years, NALZS has engaged in extensive research, intentional community discussion, and many fundraising efforts to bring our vision - “A zoo for you, North Alabama''  - to life. This project promises to enrich the region both culturally and economically.

In collaboration with Limestone County leaders, NALZS has spent more than a year and a half developing a comprehensive funding proposal for Phase 1 of the zoo project. We based this proposal on thorough research into other successful funding models for family enrichment facilities throughout the country. We then tailored this project to the unique opportunities presented by Limestone County’s location and resources.

In  conducting our research into how other zoos were established, NALZS has been fully aware that public funding would be essential for the large-scale nature of this project. With the aim of minimizing the financial burden on our community, we diligently explored every possible alternative before acknowledging that, indeed, public funding is crucial to achieve our goal. This has been the recipe how other great zoos in the United States have started and the approach mirrors the successful establishment of other local attractions in recent years, reflecting a broader trend towards public investment in community assets.


We deeply appreciate our patrons, whose generous donation support has been essential and will continue to be essential in advancing our educational and conservation efforts.  This support has also enabled us to lay a solid foundation for the zoo project.  All this has been done without the establishment of a brick-and-mortar facility.  Now, the time has come to give the community what it has asked for and deserves - a center of education, conservation, and community enrichment at the North Alabama Zoo.  It is clear that public funding is the path to achieving this.

Limestone County was chosen as the project site for its strategic benefits, such as its proximity to major tourism corridors and relative land value affordability. As the fastest-growing county in Alabama, Limestone County is an ideal location for a new zoo that could serve as a remarkable addition to the county’s amenities. Although we know the zoo will offer substantial quality of life improvements to all citizens of North Alabama, we have secured significant benefits specifically for Limestone County residents.

From the outset, NALZS has prioritized community participation in the decision to move forward with the zoo. We feel it would be unfair to enlist local tax support without ensuring the final decision rests in the hands of Limestone County residents.

We approached Limestone County leadership concerning our desire to establish a zoo in the area, and we have had several conversations with members regarding public funding for the project. However, a small number within the leadership are hesitant to allow the county citizens to decide whether the project should advance.

“We are deeply grateful for the leaders who support this project and the democratic process,” said NALZS past board chair, Keeley Sykes. “While we work to gain legislative support, we are passionate about giving the county residents an opportunity to exercise their right to vote on matters that impact their community. As a longtime Limestone County resident, I know our constituents believe in the transformative potential of having our own zoo, and their testimonies, thoughts, and wishes deserve to be heard. We remain hopeful and will continue to work tirelessly to bring this opportunity to the public to decide.”

NALZS calls upon Limestone County residents to join in this effort, demonstrating the collective will to make the North Alabama Zoo a reality. Tell your friends, leave us a testimonial, and make your voice heard in this ongoing discussion. We will provide more information on how you can help bring the North Alabama Zoo to ballot in the upcoming days. For more information about our programs, zoo project, or to support our efforts through a donation, visit our website at



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