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Welcome to the Board of Directors page of the North Alabama Zoological Society! Our dedicated board members bring a diverse range of expertise and a shared passion for wildlife conservation to guide our mission. As stewards of both our natural heritage and the communities we serve, each member is committed to fostering an environment where both wildlife and people thrive together. Here, you can learn about the people behind our organization who help ensure that every visit to the zoo is both educational and inspiring, as we work together towards a future where nature and humanity exist in harmony.


The leadership structure of our society is divided up between three boards: General, Founding, and Advisory.  The General Board is the governing board. The founding board is made up of representatives of the founding members and ensures that the organization does not lose sight of the society's core purpose: "To connect people with animals."  The Advisory Board provides unique skill sets, experiences, and perspectives to help in the success of the society.  General Board members are selected from our Advisory Board.

Please use the Contact Us form if you wish to reach out to any of our leadership.


Join Our Board

If you're interested in leaving a legacy of wildlife conservation, nature-based education, and community improvement, click the buttons below to download the application and instructions.



The General Board of Directors is the governing body of NALZS.  It is also a working board that is very involved in supporting the operations of the organization through its volunteer services.   These diverse group of directors are passionate about NALZS' missions and bringing a zoo and aquarium to North Alabama.

(NALZS is about connecting people to animals.  So it only make sense that we promote the animals that bring a smile to our faces.  The animals below represent the species each board member is passionate about.  Clicking on the image will reveal additional information about the board member.)



The Founding Board of Directors was the original governing body of NALZS.  Each member of the board represents one of the families that help found NALZS.  Now the directors of this board act as advisors to the General Board and ambassadors for NALZS.  As the Founding Board encounters individuals and families that go above and beyond to help bring about the zoo, they are then considered as prospective Founding Families to have a seat on the board.  The board will consider new Founding Families up until the first day the gates of the zoo open.  After that membership is essentially set. The families are very active in supporting the organization and its efforts.



All good organizations have great advisors guiding them.  The same is true for NALZS.  What we are doing here in the Tennessee Valley of North Alabama is an uncommon and non-trivial endeavor.  Having a zoo and aquarium is a necessity for our community as it grows.  Our Advisory Board sees this and have step forward to offer their assistance.  The board is made up trusted individuals that are passionate about participating in this work.  


NALZS leadership have several mentors and advisors that they reach out to from time to time.  These trusted leaders have been instrumental in establishing a great organization and setting the foundation work for what will be a world class zoo and aquarium.  We recently have formalized this circle of advisors into an Executive Board of Advisors.  This circle is made up of business and civic leaders that want to help in specialized ways, but membership in a traditional board would not work for their situation.  They feel passionate that it is time for our community to have its own zoo and aquarium down the road.

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