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      The North Alabama Zoological Society (NALZS) recognizes and embraces human diversity. We accept the moral and practical imperatives of our multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and varied socio-economic society in our personal and professional lives. We value and seek the strengths of human variety in race, ethnicity, age, culture, gender, personal beliefs, physical abilities, religion, and sexual orientation. 

      NALZS has a values-based culture, including the core value focus of a rational workplace with respecting and investing in each other.  We value the individual.  We believe that to innovate and live NALZS’ core value of “seeking to leave it better than how we found it”, diverse perspectives are critical. They help us challenge the status quo and arrive at better, more rational solutions. We know, and studies support, that teams are most creative and successful when they include people who think differently from one another, in a consciously inclusive and equitable environment.

      NALZS recognizes that zoos and aquariums operate as businesses, providing their communities with unique and valuable learning and recreation opportunities while supporting their local economies through employment opportunities, money spent in the community on goods and services, and as tourism destinations of significant economic impact. Therefore, it is critical that NALZS professionals and volunteers recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in their work, services, and business practices.        

      NALZS recognizes the plight of the disadvantaged and underprivileged. We wish to inspire a better tomorrow for ALL.  We strive to find ways within our business and our programs to be accessible to all that wish to be involved and/or participate.  We support and encourage efforts in our communities to uplift, invest, and serve one another 

By checking the box in the Volunteer Registration form, I understand and agree to follow the NALZS Diversity and Inclusion Statement.

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